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N22 Farranfore to Killarney

Road Improvement Scheme

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Project Background

The N22 National Primary Road extends from Cork City to the outskirts of Tralee town with the route traversing the town of Killarney and the village of Farranfore.

The N22 Farranfore to Killarney Road Improvement Scheme involves the examination of feasible transport solutions to alleviate existing capacity, safety and connectivity issues that exist on the national road network between Killarney and Farranfore and it surrounds.

About Us

Kerry County Council in partnership with the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport and Transport Infrastructure Ireland are developing the N22 Farranfore to Killarney Road Improvement Scheme. Kerry County Council have appointed Jacobs Engineering Ireland Limited as Technical Advisors to progress the planning and design phases for the scheme.

What is happening now?

The Scheme has completed the Feasibility Stage (Phase 1) and is currently progressing through the Option Selection Phase (Phase 2).

A constraints study is currently ongoing to identify the nature and extent of natural and artificial constraints. These constraints will be documented and mapped such that route corridor options can be designed taking cognisance of such constraints.

In 2003, a preferred route corridor for an improved section of the N22 National Primary road between Farranfore and Killarney was identified. Following a Peer Review process in 2008, some refinement areas were identified for re-assessment and a refined preferred route corridor was finalised in 2012. However, this project was later suspended due to the economic downturn. Since the identification and appraisal of the refined preferred route for the N22 Farranfore to Killarney Road Improvement Scheme, a number of changes to road infrastructure, European/National policy and project appraisal have occurred. These include:

  • Publication of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) Public Spending Code
  • Updating of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTaS) Common Appraisal Framework (March 2016)
  • Updating of Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) Project Appraisal Guidelines (Oct 2016)

In 2019, Kerry County Council have been advised by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to revisit and set out the appropriate appraisal process required to consider and assess all alternative modes and options which could potentially improve the transport connectivity between Tralee and Cork and particularly between Farranfore and Killarney.

The process which considers the requirements of DPER and DTTaS in relation to project appraisal requires that the scheme be revisited from Feasibility Stage.

Can I have my say?

During the design process there will be opportunities to make submissions in relation to the scheme, information will be published on this website and through local media.